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We are a Consulting firm for executive search in Paraguay. Edith Tiencken helps us kick off our business, introduce new assessments and learning solutions including client certification programs for the hiring and development of human talent. Furthermore, she supported and coached us through improving our processes. She quickly understood our country culture and the challenges of the market; from that moment, several years ago, we continue working with her, for HR and OD consulting, because she is a professional that has not only proficiency but also has values and creativity. Edith helps us to focus and solve many problems in different ways. She is excellent on sales strategy helping us to sell more and better. You can trust that she will always be following a new trend, attending workshops, conferences, and acquiring the latest certifications; she never stops learning! Her plenty of energy along with her openness and organized style are just a few qualities that make her an excellent professional, who we are proud to call a friend. Edith helps us a lot to make a difference in our business and for many of our clients.

Maria Elena Parzajuk de Vera, Director of REDi