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  • Accelerate learning speed and ease;
  • Understand the unique learning styles of students;
  • Optimize learning results;
  • Prepare students with brain fitness skills;
  • Empower students with “learning how to learn skills”;
  • Align student’s unique design with subject and career choices

Results Achieved

A new NAP™ study was recently conducted. Results will be published soon.

ROI Impact

  • Using their findings from the NAP™ led to the following:
    • % increase in retention,
    • $ in training cost savings in the first year alone,
  • This powerful information will be used by the school to offer guidance to students and their parents regarding their unique learning potential and alignment of their neuro-design with potential subject and career choices.
  • The neuro-agility study resulted in significant bottom line findings that now integrates into their training and coaching initiatives.
    • ?% of what differentiated the high and low performing students could be attributed to EI attributes. In other words, almost one-half of the skill set required for successful execution of learning competencies is comprised of neuro-agility skills.
  • The findings from this study were highly predictive, i.e:
    • Neuro-agility subscales predicted high performance ?% of the time.

Take Aways

  • Better learner performance
  • Using the NAP™ contributes to:
    • Accurate teacher awareness of teachers about student’s learning preferences;
    • Accurate personal awareness of students about their unique learning and thinking preferences;
    • More accurate alignment of subject choices with career choices;
    • Increased ease, speed and flexibility of learning and thinking;
    • Higher performing students – 100% pass rate;
    • Increased brain fitness, memory and concentration;
    • Reduced risk for error;
    • A road map for optimizing learning ability and agility.


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Edith Tiencken

Edith Tiencken, GPHR, SHRM-SCP is the president of Smart Brain Insights and the managing partner for NeuroLink Company for USA, Canada and Latin America. She serves as an International Advisor providing people and businesses with insights, innovative strategies and tools for business growth to senior leaders, business owners and consultants. Her 25+ years of experience and passion for exploring and developing business and individual potential has driven success in cultural change, organizational learning, and in building high-performing organizations. She collaborated, led and managed organizations in the US, Latin America, Canada, Europe and Asia Pacific. Edith has been a guest and public speaker in private enterprises, educational institutions, social and professional organizations and diverse occupational groups, positively impacting thousands of professionals worldwide.