Kathu Primary is a school in the Northern Cape that strives to be and stay an institution of excellence, producing 21st century learners that can impact tomorrow’s world.

Kathu Primary is situated in a mining community. As a social investment investment for the community, to ensure quality education in rural areas , Sishen Iron Ore Mine sponsored Kathu Primary and surrounding schools to provide cutting edge education.

Neuro-Link was appointed as workplace learning consultants to assist schools in the Northern Cape with providing cutting edge education to their communities. To ensure that schools became accredited brain-based learning and development schools, the following holistic approach was followed:

Actions Taken

  • A LRP™ Advanced+ brain profile assessment for all teachers was done to determine their unique learning styles and how their profile will influence how they teach;
  • All teachers went through the “Brain Integration Techniques & Activities for the Classroom Course” that empowered them to adjust their learning approach in the classroom to be more inclusive of all learning styles and also to use brain integration techniques and activities to improve the transfer of learning
  • A 12 Emotional Intelligence Competencies Profile™ was done of all teachers to determine their emotional intelligence competence and see where they can improve themselves
  • Subsequently teachers then went through Neuro-Link’s “Emotional Intelligence for Teachers Course” to teach emotional intelligence skills in the classroom while teaching their specific subject;
  • Selected teachers from different phase groups then did the Neuro-Link Brain Profile Practitioner Training to learn to assess and debrief the brain profiles of learners in different age groups;
  • All teachers were theoretically and practically evaluated in the areas that they were trained in. After achieving a pass rate of minimum 80 % in their theoretical and practical exams, teachers were certified competent and the school was formally accredited as an “Accredited Brain-Based Learning & Development School“.
  • LRP™ Toolbox brain profile assessments of each student in the school was compiled and a 24 page report was generated for parents and teachers to understand how each child learns and how to assist them best;
  • A group debriefing for all parents and teachers was conducted about their children and how to understand their unique learning styles and preferences better.

Results Achieved

  • Teachers reported more ease with learning as they aligned their classroom learning approaches with the natural learning implications of the brain;
  • The principal reported more synergy among teachers;
  • Some teachers reported dramatic individual improvements in learning results with some students who experienced difficulty with learning for a long time;
  • Teachers reported a general positive change in behavior with most students, but dramatic changes in some individuals;
  • Teachers reported better insight into why some students experience more learning difficulties than others and also knowing how to go about helping them reduce errors and learning difficulties;
  • After doing group debriefings with parents on their children’s brain profiles, and involving them in the study skills training that were done with their children, they reported being better equipped to assist their children with learning at home;
  • The school experienced a general improvement in learning results, to the extent that the mine sponsored this program for 8 consecutive years.


  • For the teachers, learners and parents of Kathu Primary, this was and is an incredible experience. Not only has our school been placed in another league with regards to other schools in our community, but it has enhanced and confirmed the vision and mission of our school.

    Mr. HAR van Niekerk
    Kathu Primary

  • Sishen Mine would like to convey its appreciation regarding the excellent and timeous manner in which the Neuro-Link cognitive development program was implemented at Kathu Primary School.

    The professional manner in which learners, teachers and parents were dealt with during the training sessions is to be applauded.

    The Mine as sponsor of the program has received various phone calls from teachers and parents thanking us for sponsoring an excellent program and already visible impact on learner reading and learning capabilities.

    Anel Marais
    Manager Sustainable Development
    Kumba Iron Ore.

  • Principal’s Feedback – Watch Video
  • Parent Feedback
  • Student Feedback

Edith Tiencken

Edith Tiencken, GPHR, SHRM-SCP is the president of Smart Brain Insights and the managing partner for NeuroLink Company for USA, Canada and Latin America. She serves as an International Advisor providing people and businesses with insights, innovative strategies and tools for business growth to senior leaders, business owners and consultants. Her 25+ years of experience and passion for exploring and developing business and individual potential has driven success in cultural change, organizational learning, and in building high-performing organizations. She collaborated, led and managed organizations in the US, Latin America, Canada, Europe and Asia Pacific. Edith has been a guest and public speaker in private enterprises, educational institutions, social and professional organizations and diverse occupational groups, positively impacting thousands of professionals worldwide.